I will never forget where I was when I decided I wanted to become a Beautician. I was watching my mom get her hair washed at the beauty shop where my cousin L worked. It was a cute place on the square of my home town. I looked at them and said “I am going to work with you someday!” Guess what…. I did!

After months of trying to persuade my parents that I truly wanted to go to hair school instead of going to college, I ended up having to give college a “TRY”….. Well, I tried it… for two weeks! Haha!! The whole two weeks was misery because I knew where my heart was! I cried the whole two weeks and finally my parents decided to let me go on to beauty school. I am thankful I tried college (even if only for two weeks) just so I don’t have any “What IFs”….

As a child, all my barbies had their hair brushed, braided, in pig tails, and you guessed it…. CUT!!! My hair was always in pig tails, which my Daddy would grab like handlebars and say “budd-en budd-en”(like the sound of a motorcycle)… I loved getting my hair done in different styles. A lot of nights, my Momma would roll my hair in rags. I would sleep in it and the next day I became “Shirley Temple”….

After finishing hair school, I soon realized that SOMEDAY….(LORD WILLING)… I wanted my own place … I started building up my business and kept praying that the Lord would open up a door for my own. He kept opening the door for different salons for my business to grow…but still no door for my own place. I finally decided…”OK, it must not be HIS time or HIS will for me to have my own right now… ” So, as I waited in the hallway for a door to be open, I found peace. Instead of searching for other locations or stressing about trying to find my own… I gave it to Him. I was very happy and thankful for the place I was in my life…but always in the deepest place in my heart… I still wanted my own beauty shop.

“Delight thyself in the LORD; and he shall give you the desires of thine heart.”    Psalm 37:4

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened”       Matthew 7:7-8

HE KNOWS the DESIRES of your HEART! In HIS timing, if it is HIS will… HE will make a way.

I had stopped looking and was happy where I was…… and then… It fell in my lap… ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, I opened up my very OWN place! I am SO thankful it did. I am also so thankful for the steps it took to get there… the people I grew to love at all the salons I had worked at, people that became more like family than friends. They all touched my life in some way or another in special ways.

I PRAISE HIM for giving me the desire of my heart. Not only my own place but the dedication to become a beautician. Becoming a beautician has opened up so many doors to pray for my clients, become friends with my clients, and to just BE there to listen.         To all my clients….”YOU GOT A FRIEND IN ME!!” I am GRATEFUL for each and every one that has ever sat in my chair. I know that the Lord has put them there for a reason.

I hope you always keep on PRAYING and TRUST that the Lord will make a way in HIS own timing. You may be stuck in the hallway and don’t see even a window cracked to get through or if every door you try to open is locked. Keep knocking… He hears you and He wants to give you the desires of your HEART. His timing is perfect and He has a reason for every waiting season of your life. Look around and enjoy the wait. It will astonish you how many blessings He is giving you and lessons He is teaching you.



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  1. Betsy as all your blogs, that was beautiful!! You are so right God puts us where we need to be and He definitely hears and answers our prayers!! I’ve loved you since you were a sweet, precious baby! I’ll never forget mom bouncing you on her knees and oinking like a pig. You would just laugh and laugh. Precious memories!! I’m so glad He put me in your chair not only because I love the great job you do with my hair but especially because I enjoy all our talks. I feel we have grown really close and I love you dearly. I’m always here for you!!

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