I will never forget where I was when I decided I wanted to become a Beautician. I was watching my mom get her hair washed at the beauty shop where my cousin L worked. It was a cute place on the square of my home town. I looked at them and said “I am going to work with you someday!” Guess what…. I did! After months of trying to persuade my parents that I truly wanted to go to hair school instead of going to college, I ended up having to give college a “TRY”….. Well, I tried it… for two weeks! Haha!! The whole two weeks was misery because I knew where my heart was! I cried the whole two weeks and finally my parents decided to let me go on to beauty school. I am thankful I tried college (even if only for two weeks) just so I don’t have any “What IFs”…. As a child, all my barbies had their hair brushed, braided, in pig tails, and you guessed it…. CUT!!! My hair was always in pig tails, which my Daddy would grab like handlebars and say “budd-en budd-en”(like the sound of a motorcycle)… I loved getting my hair done in different styles. A lot of nights, my Momma would roll my hair in rags. I would sleep in it and the next day I became “Shirley Temple”…. After finishing hair school, I soon realized that SOMEDAY….(LORD […]

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