As the deer pants for the water brooks…

“Hey, heard you were up all night thinking about how your world ain’t right and you wonder if things will ever get better… asking why is it always raining on you… Go on, FALL into the arms of Jesus…When in the waves are taking you under…hold on just a little bit longer… He knows that this will make you stronger, stronger… the pain ain’t gonna last forever and things can only get better… God’s right there”  Lyrics from the song Stronger by Mandisa

That song is one that’s been playing over and over on my playlist for a year. This past year has been full of sickness, less working and more rest. Staying at home behind closed doors, pulled blinds, and in pajamas on the couch a LOT more (to a girl who has such hard working grandparents, parents, and husband, its hard to accept part time working!)…So this week when I got to go fishing with my Daddy, you could imagine the excitement I felt. Not only because I’ve been dealing with sickness, but because I haven’t spent a day with my Daddy in quite sometime. Boat loaded, snacks packed, fishing lures and poles all ready to cast…. anxiously anticipating catching some keepers…. only to come up with no fish. Of course, being the fisherman he is, my daddy was a bit disappointed. Truth is, I didn’t care if we sat there and didn’t catch a single fish. Not even a bite. It didn’t make him or me less of a fisherman… First cast of the day, sure I was all, “We’re going to the load the boat”… but as the day went on my eyes were opened to what truly mattered. I almost lost my Daddy last summer to a heart attack but thank God Almighty for His hand being upon Him and blessing me with more days with him. (Hallelujah, Thank you JESUS!)…There I sat with a man whose loved me since the moment I was born, a man who is a King and Hero in my eyes, a man who works and works to provide for his family, a man who will forever hold my heart, and most importantly loves our Heavenly Father. Sitting with him, watching him…cast after cast.. No, I didn’t care if we caught a single fish… I was at peace, I still have my Daddy that I admire and love ….and JESUS in my heart. WOOOOO!!!! Thank you Lord!

Along with being there with my Daddy, the Lord opened up my eyes even more that day. I kept seeing all the animals He has so graciously blessed our land with. We saw fish (that we couldn’t catch, HA), squirrels, a beaver, a turkey, birds, and on the last holler we went into to try for more fish, we saw 2 deer. Immediately, I thanked my precious Savior and thought of the deer bible verses.

He makes my feet like the feet of deer and sets me on my high places. Psalm 18:33

As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God. Psalm 42:1

Sitting there, appreciating Gods amazing creatures… His peaceful scenery surrounding them and us… watching the deer just graze around the hillside..not a care in the world. Tell me I would’ve stopped to see Gods masterpiece this much this time last year, not so much. Ending up in the hospital last year was not fun by no means, but I am so thankful for that hardship. …I truly believe my Savior knew I needed that valley in my life to open my eyes and see Him more clearly… to appreciate EACH day and remember my life… its only a vapor. I needed to be brought to my knees, so the only way off my knees was to look up at Him. My family and friends supporting me due to sickness, I am thankful for their support… but most importantly I am thankful for this trial of sickness I am still in. It’s making me more like HIM. I accepted Jesus and have loved Him since in my teens… but to strive to do better, to live for Him, to appreciate His blessings… I never took the time. It was all about what “I” wanted. Of course, I still fall short…we all do. But to YEARN to live for Him, to constantly be saying, “Thank you Jesus” for seeing something as simple as deer in the woods… That Betsy is new because of HIM. HE is the reason I appreciate my days on earth more. HE is the reason I didn’t care that we didn’t even get a bite fishing that day. I was so blessed with being there with my Daddy and in awe of the scenery the Lord has made. I am so thankful the Lord has my soul pant for Him like a deer pants for water… all because of the valley!!

This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will REJOICE and be GLAD in it. Psalm 118:24

Jesus…He is will be your joy, peace and love. Jesus….will open the eyes of your heart like never before.

I leave you with another song.. One that is so fitting…I’m so thankful, He made my heart beat again..for HIM! (Just click on the link) Tell your heart to beat again


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