Rain…  it’s always, “when is it ever going to stop” or “we sure could use some”….   As for this week, my yard (and heart) has had its fair share of rain. (Thank you Lord, you are..after all the best weather man!) We all go through struggles in life, whether it be health, relationships, finances, or just plain ol “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” mood. As I was at my Granny and Pa’s this week (one of my favorite places in the whole world to be!) I heard the rain start coming down on their “sky viewing window”.  I already was in one of those “grumpy/sad” moods due to my health that week and now was going to have to deal with driving in the RAIN (not my favorite thing to do)… As I was walking over to my Granny’s kitchen sink, (where so many dishes and even my hair has been washed by my loving Granny!) I glanced out the window that is above that sink and saw it. A RAINBOW! God’s beautiful promise. Bursting with color over my Pa’s cows that I always helped feed and look after with him…(if the tractor or four-wheeler was moving..hey you better bet this gal was going with her Pa)  I can not describe the JOY and happiness that washed over me when I saw that rainbow in the field with all them cows. I started shouting, “LOOK! […]

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